Cross Over Music Videos New York

What are cross over music videos New York and the world are talking about? Many music lovers are surprised to discover that this genre has been around for a while. This genre of music has been developed over centuries. Michele McGovern, one of the top 10 flutists in the world, has become a huge part of the crossover classical music craze. Before we discuss the classical cross over music videos New York has enjoyed from Ms. McGovern, let’s explore the roots of this music genre a bit further.

Cross over classical music has evolved over centuries into one we consider the genre to be today. However, we can say that all music is based on a form of crossover. For instance, during the medieval period ballads were the most popular form of music among the average citizen, while Gregorian chants were the popular religious option. Eventually, the two genres began to merge into early versions of harmony. Even more blending occurred during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, when musicians began to combine more complicated instruments with the folk ballads. The Classical period marked the completed transition into what we now consider classical music.

Michele McGovern has managed to take the crossover classical music to another level that combines everything from rock, hip hop, jazz and other genres with traditional classical music instruments, such as the flute. Examples of her work can be found in the cross over music videos New York residents will find on her YouTube and Vimeo channels. Michele McGovern continues to play a major role in this new transition with her popular arrangements of classical pieces, as well as her own compositions. 

The U.S.A. is a perfect example of how cultures and music combine to create the cross over music videos New York flutist Michele McGovern has made. The United States is the perfect place for crossover classical to evolve to the next level, because we have such a wide variety of cultures that bring their own melodies, songs, instruments, and sounds to the country. For instance, blues is thought to have been created through the merging of folk songs and tribal music from Africa. Over the years, this form of music continued to evolve into country and rock. 

The cross over music videos New York flutist Michele McGovern creates tap into a variety of genres from rock to new age to create a completely new sound. You also see a merging of genres within all varieties of music, such as country songs that are wrapped. An example of Michele’s cross over music videos New York residents have loved include Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven that Michele McGovern and the late Melody Lord arranged together, as well as a rock inspired version of Pavane. It can be said that Ms. McGovern took the crossover of classical music to another level with her award-winning video entitled Moonlight. This video uses music and an acted story-line to explain the meaning behind the composition. Michele continues to expand the horizons with her latest venture Vadula, which will be a musical theater production that includes a variety of artists and musicians.