Award-Winning Album "Falling Leaves"

Falling Leaves is a collection of the latest original music by award winning flutist Michele McGovern. Composed in collaboration with Tiko Lasola, Chris Kukla, and Gary Guttman, Falling Leaves takes the listener through a cinematic journey with hypnotic sounds harvested from classical, jazz, rock, new age, and pop genres to create a truly mesmerizing experience. Michele's music may remind you of the Piano Guys, Lindsey Sterling, 2 Cellos, and Yanni, but with her and her flute taking center stage. Her latest adventure to bring flute to mainstream listeners includes a visual prologue performance of the new musical Lady Vadula. A provocative story that incorporates music, contortion, dance, aerial dance, and narration.

You can further enjoy the cinematic experience of Michele's music by viewing her international award-winning music videos and short film. Take a journey through snow covered forests with flute, cello, and piano in 'Winter's Beauty' or witness a mysterious meeting in the caverns of 'Pathways.' All of Michele's visual content is available on Youtube by searching "Michele McGovern Flute" or by visiting