Award Winning Music Videos

There are a number of award winning music videos on YouTube and Vimeo that revolve around crossover classical music and meditative flute music, as well as a variety of other genres. Michele McGovern is proud to have not one, but two award winning music videos available on YouTube and Vimeo. Michele’s YouTube and Vimeo career is fairly new; however she has enjoyed quite an extraordinary career as a Chicago classic flutist.

Before creating award winning music videos, Ms. McGovern was awarded a full scholarship to the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University where she earned her Bachelor and Master's degrees in Music Performance. After college, Michele entered a number of competitions and one first place in several of them. She also received the Farwell Award twice. She was then invited to play as a soloist for a number of orchestras prior to starting her award winning music videos career.

Although Ms. McGovern has worked as an orchestral and chamber musician for a number of years, including a 15 year stint as Principle Flute for the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra, it was her performance at New York City's Carnegie Hall in the Weil recital hall that was her first major triumph. The concert at Carnegie Hall featured all 6 arrangements of Carmen for flute and piano that she created with Melody Lord. Her work with Melody Lord extended over 12 years.

Today, she is becoming increasingly popular for her crossover classical music and award winning music videos. Her music videos include renditions of over people’s arrangements, as well as original pieces. She currently has 5 extraordinary videos available for fans to enjoy. There is a 6th video that will be released in September 2015. The award winning music videos in her repertoire include Moonlight and Pavane. Both of these videos have received rave reviews and awards for Best Music Video.

The work Michele McGovern did on Moonlight was very special, because it was a tribute to her friend, mentor, teacher, and musical partner, Melody Lord. The music is based on an arrangement the two created for piano and flute of the famous Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven Mvt. 1. This video garnered a Best Music Video award and a Best Short Musical award. She also received a Best Music Video award for Pavane, which is a great example of classical crossover music. The video takes a steampunk vision of Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50 composed by Gabriel Fauré. This rock-influenced arrangement was created by composer Gary Guttman.

These award winning music videos classify Michele as an amazing flutist, arranger, composer, actress, producer, and film maker. Her achievements and talents appear to be endless. There is now a lot of anticipation for her next video entitled Nocturne. There is every reason to believe that this could just another of the award winning music videos in Michele McGovern’s portfolio. Some sneak peaks are available of the video, which appears to have a medieval theme to it. The previews can be found on this site by viewing the 2014 Music Video Real.