Crossover Classical Music

By now you have probably been introduced to crossover classical music, but you may not even realize it. This phenomenon is gaining momentum ever since it was first introduced by The Three Tenors (namely, Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras and Plácido Domingo), when they held their now famous concert. These gentleman known for their operatic chops, gained tremendous popularity by coming together for a never before seen concert that included not only the operas they were known for, but also Neapolitan folk, theater, and pop music. 

This was not the first time that crossover classical music had occurred. One popular singer from the 1980’s started her career out as an opera singer. Pat Benator soon found her fame in the rock genre. However, The Three Tenors were the first operatic singers to be renowned in their profession, yet stray into the “pop” culture and be even more successful. The crossover classical music sensation has evolved from the original definition, which was merely a classical musician or artist that also does folk, blues, rock, theater, or modern music.

Today, the term crossover classical music is much more direct. This is a new way of looking at classical music by arranging compositions created centuries ago with a modern sound. This could be anything from an ethereal new age vibe to a rock influenced rendition. The catalyst for this musical transition can be placed on the likes of independent artists using YouTube as a way to showcase their talents. One of the artists making a name for herself in the crossover classical music genre is Michele McGovern. Michele has already received a number of accolades for her work, including Best Video Awards for two of her videos that feature her playing modern renditions of crossover classical music on her flute.

Michele McGovern is a well-known Chicago classic flutist that has enjoyed a long career that includes playing as a soloist for a number of respected orchestras and as Principal Flute for the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra for over 15 years. Among her many accomplishments was a performance at Carnegie Hall in the Weil recital hall, where she and fellow arranger Melody Lord played all 6 of their arrangements of Carmen for piano and flute. Michele has also performed on television as part of Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

There are a number of other artists that have embraced the crossover classical music movement. Everyone from violinist Lindsey Stirling, Nadia – an opera/pop group, Jackie Evancho – known for her angelic voice, and the very popular Josh Groban have embraced this unique opportunity. For a time it looked as if classical music and the great composers might be lost forever as the younger generations failed to appreciate the complexities of these works of art. Fortunately, crossover classical music is extremely popular among a broad spectrum of people, including young people that find it different from the everyday options on the radio. If you haven’t already, we hope you will please take a moment to watch some of the amazing videos created by Michele McGovern that are available on this site.