Crossover Music on YouTube

Classical crossover music is a specific genre of music that falls between classical and popular music. This type of music is becoming a lot more popular among the masses. There is crossover music on YouTube that you can enjoy, and Michele McGovern is a world famous flutist that incorporates crossover music into her videos. Classical crossover music encompasses both classical music and a broad variety of popular music forms that are performed in a classical manner or by classical music artists. Pop vocalists, opera singers, classical instrumentalists and sometimes rock groups commonly perform classical crossover music. Michele McGovern’s website, The Flute Room features some very cool videos that incorporate crossover music on YouTube and on her website.

Michele has had numerous hits. “Moonlight” won several awards, and other videos, such as “Winters Beauty”, “Pavane” and “Timelessness” all captivate audiences with majestic flute playing and awe-inspiring costumes and illumination. Michele has a bio section that outlines her education in the musical arts. You can contact Michele McGovern on this website with any questions that you may have for her concerning her current hits and her upcoming music videos that she plans on performing. She played in front of a live audience in Cape Cod, Mass performing her latest compositions and arrangements. This show was broadcast to over 80,000 viewers, and her live performance and interview will be coming on YouTube very soon. The Flute Room is a website where you can enjoy Michele’s ability to play crossover music on YouTube. She tends to have a Renaissance style theme to her videos, and this makes these videos even more intriguing and heartfelt.

Crossover music on YouTube has been around in the music world for quite some time. The term “classical crossover” came about back in the 1980’s. It continued to gain in popularity throughout the 1990’s, and it even now has its own Billboard chart. Michele McGovern will continue to impress with her artistic ability to play classical crossover music. There are many artists that engage in crossover music on YouTube, and these artists have been a big success. Michele looks to follow in their footsteps with her own unique style of flute playing.
Thank you for visiting The Flute Room. Photos, videos and music are available from Michele McGovern on this website. Again, feel free to contact Michele. She loves to hear your responses about her music and your comments and requests about her upcoming plans on what she intends to perform next. Michele McGovern is one of the great flute players in the US. She has worked very hard to become a modern day success, and she appeals to audiences from all sorts of genres of music, especially classical. Crossover music on YouTube will continue to reach the masses and gain in popularity as new artists come along, like Michele McGovern. Contact The Flute Room and find out more about Michele’s wonderful ability to play as a solo flute artist and become entranced in romance, mystery and blissful tunes.