Live Flute Performance Boston MA

Michele McGovern is a renowned flutist that has numerous live flute performance Boston MA ensembles on her YouTube channel. These live performances are from the show Live from Center Stage Concert Series. During the live flute performance Boston MA residents will enjoy captivating original pieces and renditions of others music. Michele is a genius both on and off the stage. Her live concerts incorporate other musicians, as well as dancers, who set an undeniable air of fantasy.

Michele began her career as a flutist shortly after graduating from Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University with a Bachelor and Master degree in Music Performance. After completing her degrees, Ms. McGovern began entering and winning competitions. She was also awarded the prestigious Farwell Award for musical excellence on two separate occasions. It was at this point that she began playing as a soloist for many highly-respected orchestras and symphonies, including Mozart's D Major Concerto, Mozart's Andante, Vivaldi's Il Gardellino Concerto, Vivaldi's La Notte Concerto, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 for two flutes and violin, Lukas Foss' "For Toru", and the Saint Petersburg Camerata in St. Petersburg, Russia. She also had live flute performance Boston MA musical enthusiasts could enjoy for over 15 years with the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra as the Principal Flutist.

Today, Michele’s career is taking off in a direction that might seem unexpected. She has become a crossover classical music phenomenon on YouTube with her videos that include both original music and renditions. Her talents in the video realm include not only her abilities as a flutist, but also as an actress, director, writer, and producer. Several of her videos have won awards, and it was her YouTube channel’s success that landed her a live flute performance Boston MA audiences could enjoy on Live from Center State Concert Series. In fact, she has appeared multiple times on the show.

In addition to watching her live flute performance Boston MA residents can enjoy her videos online or at Her YouTube channel offers an opportunity to watch her live performances, as well. Her foray into videos has been a tremendous success with a lot of positive feedback from viewers. Her first video, which was a tribute to legendary pianist Melody Lord, (her mentor, teacher, and co-arranger for several pieces for the flute and piano,) was a tremendous success.

Today, her fans are watching out for more live flute performance Boston MA opportunities, videos, and anxiously awaiting her latest ventures. There are more videos in the works, but Michele McGovern is currently focused on a multi-city 28 day tour, as well as her first live musical production. At this time, she is gathering the talent and making preparations for what is expected to be a magnificent live flute performance Boston MA fans will need to come to Chicago to see. This new venture entitled “Vadula” will feature other musicians, dancers, singers, acting, and who knows what else. The only thing we do know is that we are very excited to see the culmination of this work when it is completed.