Best Flute Videos

YouTube and Vimeo have some of the best flute videos available. These videos include a number of genres, including crossover classical music. One classical flutist Chicago musician has won several awards for her music videos. Michele McGovern is honored to be the winner of music video awards for two of the best flute videos available. Her career as a Chicago classic flutist continues, but her video career on YouTube and Vimeo has really flourished over the past few years.

The best flute videos that Ms. McGovern earned awards for include one named Moonlight Sonata and another titled Pavane. Michelle is used to winning a musical awards, such as a full scholarship to the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. Her scholarships helped her get both a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Music Performance. She also triumphed in competitions with first place honors in all many of them. One huge achievement was being presented the Farwell Award two times. The best flute videos came on the heels of a very successful soloist career.

She also played as the Principle Flute for the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra for 15 years. Michelle often notes that her biggest achievement was playing New York City's Carnegie Hall in the Weil recital hall. It was not just the opportunity to play Carnegie Hall that made this such a special event. It was also the culmination of many years spent perfecting 6 arrangements of Carmen for flute and piano that she and her mentor and colleague, Melody Lord worked on during their 12 year career together.

Crossover classical music and the best flute videos, Ms. McGovern  has on her YouTube account have managed to come together at the perfect time. This new genre of music has become increasingly popular, and her music videos that include both original work and existing arrangements with extraordinary imagery are the essence of this music style. To date Michele has only 6 videos on her channels, but they have received extraordinary accolades and loyal followers. Her latest video is an original work called Nocturne, which seems to be the start of a more in-depth story.

Ms. McGovern’s next adventure will be a musical theater production called Vadula. This anticipated work will include a variety of performers telling the story of a woman, Victoria Vadula, who controls her subjects with her music. Although this collaboration is a thrilling opportunity for Ms. McGovern to possible create best flute videos from some of the scenes, it will not take the away the special place she has in her heart for her first endeavor, Moonlight.

Moonlight is an extremely personal tribute to her friend, mentor, teacher, and musical partner, Melody Lord. The arrangement of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven Mvt. 1 was created by Michelle and Melody, and the Best Music Video award she received was an emotional acknowledgement of the best flute videos she has made. Unlike Pavane, which is one of the best flute videos in her repertoire that has a very “rock” influenced sound; Moonlight is a short story about music, love, and loss.