Flute Videos

Michele McGovern has a variety of flute videos available on her website and YouTube channel, including original, renaissance, and classical crossover inspired options. Michele is regarded as a world renowned flutist with talents that go beyond her musical capabilities. Her work as a crossover classical musician is her latest foray in the music world. Her videos include a combination of modern renditions of classical pieces and jazzy, new-age originals.

Before her flute videos and YouTube career began, she was performing with very prestigious orchestras and symphonies, including Mozart's D Major Concerto, Mozart's Andante, Vivaldi's Il Gardellino Concerto, Vivaldi's La Notte Concerto, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 for two flutes and violin (with flutist Mary Stolper and violinist Rachel Barton Pine), and Lukas Foss' "For Toru" (Lukas Foss conducting). Her stint as a classical performer included over 15 years as the Principle Flute for the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra. Her illustrious career came to life with her first flute videos, which include Pavane and Nocturne. These two crossover classical flute videos have won Ms. McGovern several awards and catapulted her career in a completely new direction that would be larger than ever before.

Michele is regarded as one of the Top 10 Flutists in the World. Her skills as a flutist have allowed her to work and study with some of the greatest musicians of our time. These individuals include Jean Berkenstock (former principal Lyric Opera Orchestra), Alexander Murray (former principal London Symphony), Donald Peck (former principal Chicago Symphony), Mary Stolper (principle Grant Park Symphony), and Melody Lord (famed pianist, teacher, and mentor).  Her talents were recognized early, which allowed her to complete a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Music Performance at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University, where she received a full scholarship. After college she entered and one several competitions marking the official start to her classical flutist career.

p>Her time in the classical flute world gave her the opportunity to work with Melody Lord, her piano teacher and long-time mentor. Together they arranged several musical pieces over a 12 year partnership before Ms. Lord’s untimely passing. As a tribute to her mentor and partner, she used one of their arrangements in one of her first flute videos. The video entitled Moonlight Sonata is based on an arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Mvt. 1) that Michele and Melody completed before her death. Not only was it one of her award-winning flute videos, but this heartfelt video helped to launch Michele’s new career as a YouTube sensation and a phenomenal script writer.

Her current flute videos include everything from live performances, original music, and interpretations of popular arrangements. Michele McGovern’s future is filled with the production of new flute videos and a new adventure into musical theater with a production Vadula, which will combine the musical talents of Ms. McGovern and other artists with singing, dancing, and acting. The theater production is currently in the early stages with talented individuals from the Chicago and surrounding area being encouraged to participate. We look forward to all of the new flute videos and other productions Michele has to offer us.