Best Flutist

We you are discussing the best flutist in Chicago; the answer would be Michele McGovern. However, Ms. McGovern also has her place among the top 10 flutists in the world, including James Galway, Robert Aitken, William Bennett, Mathieu Dufour, Rhonda Larson, Trevor Wye, Paula Robison, Jasmine Choi, and Emmanuel Pahud. How do you make it into such a selective list? Of course practice and inherent talent are two important aspects, but these lists are often subjective so a truly talented individual could be left off the best flutist list.

One way to be considered in the list as the best flutist is to step outside of the box and do something that hasn’t been done before. Michele McGovern has classical crossover music phenomenon to glowing reviews. She also has the raw talent and hours of practice required to put her at the top of the leader board. Her videos have opened up the world of classical music to a whole new audience. There are many more young people listening to crossover classical than ever before, because of venues like YouTube and Vimeo.

Another way to be rated a best flutist is to prove your talents in competitions. Ms. McGovern took on this task right after finishing her Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Music Performance from the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University, where she completed her degrees with full scholarships. Her triumphant entrance into competitions won her many first place awards, which is something that you would expect from the best flutist. She was also mentored by and worked with many amazing musicians in their own right, including the world class pianist, teacher, and arranger, Melody Lord.

Some people say that you cannot be the best flutist, if you haven’t played at Carnegie Hall. Michele McGovern and Melody Lord had the honor of playing at New York City's Carnegie Hall in the Weil recital hall, where they performed all 6 of the arrangements they completed together during their 12 year working relationship. Michele has earned her “best flutist” title in this regard, as well.

One more aspect of Ms. McGovern’s career that distinguishes her as a best flutist is her many solo performances with exceptional orchestras and symphonies, including Mozart's D Major Concerto, Mozart's Andante, Vivaldi's Il Gardellino Concerto, Vivaldi's La Notte Concerto, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 for two flutes and violin, as well as an invitation to be the soloist for a recording with the Saint Petersburg Camerata in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was also the Principle Flutist for 15 years with the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra.

Her accomplishments over the years have been many, and her extraordinary ability to merge into the crossover classical music genre seamlessly is amazing. Michele McGovern has earned her stripes in the list of best flutist. Her unbelievable talent is just one facet of here exceptional skills not only as a flutist, but as a writer, actor, and director. The world of crossover classical is fortunate to have the artistry of Michele to direct it into new areas that are yet to be heard.