Chicago Flute Music

Chicago is a well-known music mecca with a large variety of genres available, including Chicago flute music. The city is regarded for its blues and jazz influences; however, rock, hip hop, punk, heavy metal, and classical are all very popular options in the areas music venues. Michele McGovern is one of the areas renowned flutists with an impressive background that includes Chicago flute music inspired by the city’s cultural diversity.

Ms. McGovern has embraced the classical crossover movement with Chicago flute music that includes modern arrangements and original pieces. The award-winning video entitled Moonlight is an arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Movement #1) that was a collaborative effort between Michele and her colleague/mentor the late Melody Lord. The video was written and produced by Ms. McGovern. She also plays the lead role as Evelyn Reed. The character, Miss Reed, is a flutist engaged to a pianist, played by Will Evans. The Chicago flute music and piano included in the video are a tribute to Ms. Lord’s memory. Like all of her subsequent videos, Moonlight is beautifully filmed. While her other videos are more ethereal, this example tells the dramatic story of love lost.

Michele has been praised for her ability to capture the essence of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata through this moving story and brilliant arrangement for the flute and piano. The Chicago flute music played throughout the video is performed by Ms. McGovern with a moving piano performance by George Radosavljevic. Michele has brought the flute into mainstream music trends with her second award-winning endeavor Pavane.

In Pavane, Ms. McGovern manages to bring the 19th century French composer, Gabriel Fauré into the 21st century. His original piece, Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50, is a very light and airy arrangement that relies heavily on the flute and strings to create a gentle flow. The composer Gary Guttman has done an amazing job of updating the music without losing the original beauty of Fauré’s work. Ms. McGovern handles the modern flute renditions marvelously with a more up tempo beat, but the same airy flow. The musical enhancements can be found in the modern and rhythmical underlying tracks that include drum beats. The original cello, viola, and violin portions taken on the majority of the rock feel with a more pronounced and dramatic feel.

While Michele did not do the arrangement for this number, she has captured its essence brilliantly through a mix of amazing costuming, cinematography, and a decidedly steampunk feel that suits both the original era and the modern spin perfectly. The dancers bring to life the hardness and softness that is felt from the string section and the Chicago flute music. This is just another example of Ms. McGovern’s talents.

One of the original pieces by Michele McGovern is a departure from the more classical music in her other videos. In Little Flirt, Ms. McGovern has created a wonderful mix of the jazz sound that Chicago is famous for with an invigorating Latin beat. The result is a fun, upbeat, danceable tune that highlights the Chicago flute music that she is famous for. You may view all of her videos at The Flute Room or her YouTube channel.