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Michele McGovern is a classically trained flutist who has performed Tchaikovsky on flute on numerous occasions, including the famous Nutcracker Suite. The history behind the composer is intriguing, yet his personality seems to resonate through his music. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is often considered the most well-known Russian composer. During his life from 1840 to 1893, he composed some of the most memorable pieces to date. Tchaikovsky on flute includes incredible musical arrangements, such as Sleeping Beauty, the Nutcracker, and Swan Lake. Unlike many musical geniuses and artists, Tchaikovsky's path started out very differently. Prior to 21 and after the death of his mother at 14, he followed his family’s wishes and worked as a bureau clerk with the Ministry of Justice for four years.

Although he did take music lessons starting at the age of 10, his career in music didn't begin until the age of 21, when he returned to lessons at the Russian Musical Society. It was just months afterward that the St. Petersburg Conservatory would be established, and he enrolled becoming one of the first composition students. Fortunately, the composer never lost interest in music during his stent as a clerk. Tchaikovsky on flute is an experience unlike many others. His music has become entrenched in our daily lives without many people even knowing. Of course, the Nutcracker Suite is one of his most performed pieces because of its festive appeal. However, his other work, such as Swan Lake, is just as popular today as it was when it debuted in 1876. Tchaikovsky on flute is filled with complexity, which highlights the brilliant tones that an accomplished flutist, such as Michele McGovern can showcase.

It was well known that Tchaikovsky was a homosexual, during a time when his preferred lifestyle was shunned. His short marriage was a disaster, and the brilliant composer struggled with depression. It is hard to believe, when you here Tchaikovsky on flute that you are listening to music written by a man, who attempted suicide. Fortunately, he was able to translate beauty into his arrangements without allowing the demons that plagued him from affecting his musicality.

Ms. McGovern has the ability to bring to music such as Tchaikovsky on flute into the forefront with a modern crossover classical music flair that is making some of the biggest composers very popular among individuals of all ages. Michele’s award-winning videos, include Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Pavane. She has also created a name for herself as an accomplished arranger, composer, director, writer, actress, and more. It would be a blessing for music lovers if Ms. McGovern would give Tchaikovsky on flute her special touch.

Because he has such a large volume of compositions, Tchaikovsky on flute is often used in movies in one form or another. This is especially true around the holidays, when we all line-up to see the Nutcracker Suite performed as part of the festivities of the season. His ability to create a story through music is still cherished today, and very talented musicians, such as Michele McGovern continue to bring his work to the masses.