New Age Flutist Chicago Illinois

Michele McGovern is a new age flutist Chicago Illinois. Her marvelous flute arrangements capture the soul and makes the mind dance in pleasure. The Flute Room at is where you will find Michele’s latest flute hits. She has a music link that will take you to all of her songs. You can also go to the video section to watch her carefully crafted videos. These videos showcase unique environments and stunning costumes and imagery. Some of Michele McGovern’s hits include “Little Flirt”, “Pavane”, “Moonlight” and “Timelessness.” Michele’s music is peaceful and invigorating at the same time. It fills your soul with rapture.

There is a news section on this website that contains stories about groundbreaking news events that Michele is a part of. This new age flutist Chicago Illinois has won multiple accolades. She is a two time award winning film maker. Back in 2014, Michele McGovern’s short musical film called “Moonlight” was awarded “Best Music Video” at the Mexico International Film Festival. It also won “Best Musical Short” from the Illinois International Film Festival. This film was devoted to the late Melody Lord, a former Chicago sympathy pianist and Musicians Club of Women member. It involves an arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Mvt. #1). Michele and Ms. Lord created this unique arrangement together.

Being a new age flutist Chicago Illinois has a lot of people asking Michele many questions. You can contact Michele through this website. Just leave your contact information at the appropriate link and your comments below. Michele McGovern will always try to get back to you as soon as possible regarding your interests in her and her ability to be a new age flutist Chicago Illinois. The Flute Room at is Michele’s second home away from home. She devotes lots of time and energy into creating an excellent website for all to enjoy. Her melodies bring about a sense of fruitfulness to the body. You can relax and engage in the mysteries and wonders of her amazing flute playing ability.

Now is a great time to come and visit The Flute Room website. Michele McGovern is constantly changing things up as more new flute hits arrive on the website. Photos are available from some of these videos. You can enlarge any still photo you desire for a better look. Her bio section touches on her education and her amazing talent within the music industry. Please take the time to get to know Michele a little bit better by reading over her bio.

A new age flutist Chicago Illinois is Michele McGovern. Michele is gaining more and more viewers to her website called The Flute Room at She is very excited to have you aboard as a fan and someone that leaves comments about her flute playing abilities. Now is the perfect time to sit down and listen to some of her charming music. You will find yourself mesmerized by the melodies that come forth from her flute. Michele invites everyone to The Flute Room. Enjoy the magical sounds of sweet harmony on this website.