Classical Flute Player Los Angeles CA

Michele McGovern is one of the best flute players in the world. For those of you looking for a different genre of music, one that captivates the mind and soul, you have come to the right place. The Flute Room ( offers some elegant flute music for your heart. Michele is a classical flute player Los Angeles CA. She is quickly gaining worldwide recognition for her amazing talent as a classical flutist. This website provides you with wonderful videos and music from Michele McGovern.

There are plenty of outstanding videos to watch here. Some of Michele’s works include “Timelessness”, “Little Flirt”, “Nocturne”, “Pavane”, “Moonlight” and “Winters Beauty.” The enchanting melodies that come out of these hits will leave long lasting imprints on you. Michele McGovern knows how to stimulate and capture the mood of the audience. This classical flute player Los Angeles CA has devoted her life to flute playing.

Michele studied at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She was awarded a full scholarship from this school. This two time award winning film maker also worked with Melody Lord. She worked with Melody Lord for over 12 years. The late Melody Lord was a Chicago sympathy pianist and Musicians Club of Women member. “Moonlight” was dedicated to the memory of Ms. Lord. 
This classical flute player Los Angeles CA performed live in concert in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The live performance was broadcasted to over 80,000 people. There is also a news section on this website that has great information involving Michele’s career as a flute player. You can contact Michele directly through this website. She always loves to hear from her fans, and if you have any questions for her, feel free to ask. 

Photos are also available on this website. You will see stunning still photos of Michele from her videos. The art of playing the flute is something that is not easy to do. Being a classical flute player Los Angeles CA requires a love for the instrument and lots of work and devotion. Michele McGovern has definitely proven to be a world recognized flute player. Viewers can also read over her bio section on this website to find out more about Michele’s background and how she came to be an amazing flute player.

Society’s attitude towards music is changing. The current year has many bands playing the same type of music. This can grow quite old as you might imagine. However, artists like Michele McGovern bring something different to the table. Flute playing is now being recognized by many people, and people are embracing this kind of music to relax from the daily stressors of life. A classical flute player Los Angeles CA is Michele McGovern. Michele invites you and welcomes you to her website, the Flute Room ( Enjoy the captivating images of her videos and the gorgeous melodies of flute playing on this website. Again, just contact Michele with any questions that you have for her.