Chicago Classical Flutist

Michele McGovern is a Chicago classical flutist that has a lot going for her. Michele began her musical career through her studies at Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She is a two time award winning film maker. Her short musical film “Moonlight” was recognized at the Mexico International Film Festival for “Best Music Video.” This same piece was also recognized by the Illinois International Film Festival. It was awarded “Best Musical Short.”

Michele’s outstanding career has touched the hearts and minds of numerous people. The late Melody Lord worked with Michele McGovern for over 12 years. This former Chicago sympathy pianist played a significant role in Michele’s life. Michele devoted “Moonlight” to her memory. The Flute Room ( is a website featuring Michele’s musical gifts. This Chicago classical flutist has many stupendous videos. Some of her videos include “Pavane”, “Winter’s Beauty”, “Moonlight”, “Timelessness” and “Little Flirt.” Michele invites you to be a part of her life through this awesome website. 

Not only will you find great videos on this website from this Chicago classical flutist, but there are other links that you will be interested in viewing. Michele has posted some cool still shot photos from some of her videos. You can see from the videos that Michele’s flute playing ability includes different genres of flute music. Classical style is just one of Michele’s many talents. There is also a news section on this website. You can get the most up to date stories about what is going on in Michele McGovern’s life and any kind of upcoming special event or concert that she might be hosting.

The art of flute playing is something that has been given only to a select few. This wonderful instrument brings enchanting harmony into people’s lives. This is basically what Michele’s music is all about. She loves being able to create videos and has definitely earned worldwide recognition as being a top flutist. This Chicago classical flutist is also here to answer all of your questions through The Flute Room ( website. Just go to the contact section on this site and fill out the appropriate information to get in touch with her. Michele always adores her fans, and she takes the time to respond to questions about her musical career, videos and bio section.

The Flute Room ( is where you can sit down and relax to the gorgeous music of Michele McGovern, a Chicago classical flutist. She is constantly creating mesmerizing videos and music for everyone to enjoy. Her eclectic mix of music is something that you will never forget. This amazing classical flutist hopes that you will enjoy her harmonious tunes. Michele performed live in concert from Cape Cod, MA. This show was broadcasted to over 80,000 people. Michele has also played in a wide variety of venues as her career takes off to the stars.  Again, you can contact this Chicago classical flutist right here at The Flute Room ( Enjoy the graceful music that Michele plays.