Best Flutist in the United States

Michele McGovern happens to fall within the category as being one of the best flutist in the United States. Her website, The Flute Room reflects her musical talents. In fact her talents stretch across the world, and she has won many accolades for her creative ability to amaze YouTube watchers and live audiences with her flute playing ability. Some of her YouTube videos feature a Renaissance theme. Although Michele does not play Renaissance flute music herself, she incorporates Renaissance style costumes and themes into her amazing videos. Being the best flutist in the United States is not an easy feat to accomplish, but Michele McGovern’s creative mind and awesome flute playing abilities has captivated numerous people from across the globe.

The Flute Room is a website where you will find Michele’s awe-inspiring videos. YouTube videos, such as “Little Flirt”, “Pavane”, “Timelessness” and “Moonlight” bring you deep into the mind of a musical genius. You can contact Michele with any questions that you have about her current videos and upcoming musical selections. Back in 2014 Michele McGovern’s “Moonlight” was awarded “Best Music Video” at the Mexico International Film Festival. The same video was recognized by the Illinois International Film Festival for being the “Best Musical Short.” The Flute Room features “Moonlight” and other amazing videos that Michele McGovern has performed. She was featured live on television at Center Stage in Cape Cod, Mass. in front of an audience of 80,000 viewers. This best flutist in the United States has had many solo appearances with orchestras. Musical from classical composers, such as Mozart and Beethoven were played by Michele in some of her performances.

Thank you for visiting The Flute Room where Michele McGovern’s flute music is featured. She loves your comments and requests, and again you can contact her directly via this website with any questions that you may have about her majestic flute playing ability. Photos are available at The Flute Room from this best flutist in the United States. Being a top flutist is not an easy accomplishment. You have to have profound talent and a love for this genre of music in order to accomplish your dreams. Michele’s dreams are now becoming a reality and one that touches people from all across the world. You can read over Michele’s bio section which gives you a brief history about Michele McGovern’s past accolades, her education in the musical performance arts and her passion for becoming the best flutist in the United States.

World famous flutist Michele McGovern brings past classical music back to life. Classical music from great composers is making a huge comeback in today’s contemporary society. Both young and older people realize the mesmerizing flute, piano playing and orchestrated tunes that historic composers performed centuries ago. This type of music should never be forgotten. It is relaxing and simply incredible how these artists were able to play such difficult music. The Flute Room is Michele McGovern’s home away from home, and she loves being able to inspire the hearts and souls of millions. The best flutist in the United States is waiting to hear from you. Listen to her music and become entranced with love, mystery and musical poetry.