Theatrical Musical

The theatrical musical has been around for centuries. It is used to provide context to a scene by interjecting the feeling that the actor is trying to portray. The first theatrical musical was designed around operas where the score written by a composer is the highlight of the performance. An example would be many of Mozart's pieces. "Lady Vadula" is a theatrical musical piece that combines the talents of a variety of individuals, including the world famous flutist Michele McGovern. There are also an entourage of other professionals doing everything from acting out the story to dancing and performing acrobatics. You can visit The Flute Room to get more information.

A theatrical musical helps to set the tone for each scene. Although we often think of Broadway when we consider this genre, the truth is even television and movies utilize the theatrical musical techniques to take the audience on the appropriate journey. If you consider the score surrounding famous films, such as "Jaws," "Singing in the Rain," or even "The Fast and the Furious," the music captivates the audience and gives the villain, scene or climax the attention it deserves. Although "Lady Vadula" (The Flute Room) is a traditional musical adventure created by world famous flutist Michele McGovern, the score is used in the exact same way (perhaps even more so) than these other famous ventures.

This theatrical musical tells the story of Lady Vadula and her magical powers to control others through her flute playing. Though the performance may be considered more in the realm of Broadway or an Operetta, Vadula is meant to create a new genre of theatrical musical which has yet to be seen. Michele McGovern incorporates more than just music and dancing as the vehicle for telling the story. She also introduces artists that are seldom seen in this form.

There are very few theatrical musical ventures that would dare to combine circus acts with dancers, singers, musicians, actors and a variety of other talents. However, the debut of this spectacular production received rave reviews and this was only for a snip of the full theatrical musical adventure. The point is that what was once a fairly straightforward concept that would include singing, dancing, acting and a storyline told through a score and choreography, has evolved into something with more freedom to explore the realm of possibility. The Flute Room goes into more details about Michele McGovern and "Lady Vadula."

Remember, the theatrical musical has been around for centuries. It has always evolved into something new and different from the past. An example would be the reaction received by "Cats," when it first debuted. The same could be said for Cirque de Sole or River Dance. Vadula offers the same kind of new experience that has evolved one step further from the traditional Broadway performance. This theatrical musical hopes to incorporate all of the best elements from past examples to create a new platform, which tells the story through Ms. McGovern's extraordinary compilation of acrobatics, classical crossover music, acting and dance. The final project is highly anticipated by many theatrical musical devotees. The ultimate conclusion is sure to impress everyone. Please visit The Flute Room for more information about this theatrical musical.