Women Flutists

Michele McGovern is one of many standout women flutists that pleases her listeners with a wide variety of flute music. The Flute Room showcases Michele's different genres of flute music that she plays. This classical crossover flute player is well-known throughout the Chicagoland area where she resides. Ms. McGovern has made worldwide appearances on center stage from the United States to Russia. Michele is getting ready to put Lady Vadula on stage later this month. Fans can purchase tickets to this wonderful show which features music, singing, dancing, the art of flute playing and acting.

Women flutists, such as Michele McGovern, bring an old instrument into new light in the modern day. Many people have forgotten what real music is all about. Yes, we have great music in our society from top-name bands that keep us moving on a daily basis. Everyone loves their favorite artists and hits, and music is something that helps people cope with the larger stressors of life. However, The Flute Room offers gorgeous flute music from the "flute", a type of instrument that people appreciate in larger orchestral settings with other instruments, but are typically not familiar with the instrument being played by itself. Michele does do symphonic flute music, but she also has many solo videos and music that features her playing the flute as the sole instrument. People that listen to music via The Flute Room from women flutists like Michele McGovern are bound to discover why this magical instrument has the ability to reign in charm, love and positive feeling for the soul.

Now is the time to check out The Flute Room and how Michele has become one of the great women flutists of our time. Her album, Falling Leaves, is a wonderful way to get in touch with this master flute player. Falling Leaves is a beautiful collection of music that focuses on classical, pop, rock, soft flute and more! Fans of Michele McGovern can contact her via The Flute Room. There is a contact section where you can go to ask questions for this amazing performing artist. Moreover, you can follow Ms. McGovern on Facebook and also on YouTube to see her videos and learn more about upcoming performances and local/international events.

Many women flutists, such as Michele McGovern, are always adapting and creating flute music that will enrapture the heart and allow the mind to flourish in positive directions. Listening to the flute from women flutists or just a good flute player in general will introduce you to a different type of music that adds lift and emotion into your daily routine. The Flute Room is where you can view award-winning videos and short films by Michele McGovern. There is also a detailed bio section that gives you more information about Michele and how she became one of several women flutists in our time. Michele looks forward to hearing from you or seeing you at one of her live performances. Let The Flute Room be your door to creative thinking and soulful art.