Top Flute Players

The Flute Room is an amazing website that introduces you to the award-winning flutist, Michele McGovern. Fans of flute music and even people that have never really listened to this type of music should take the time to check out what this unique website has to offer. You will come across award-winning videos and short films that involve the talents of Michele McGovern. Michele is one of the world's top flute players, and her career is escalating in all the right directions.

The debut album called "Falling Leaves" is magical, to say the least. It features original music by Michele McGovern. Visitors to The Flute Room will enjoy a wide range of musical genres that Michele engages in. Famous musicians in Chicago, such as Michele McGovern, are making news and headways around the world. Michele is currently working on a theatrical musical called "Lady Vadula" to bring mainstream flute-playing to live audiences. This musical production is still in the works and you can apply for a part in the production via The Flute Room. Just go to the "Lady Vadula" link on this user-friendly website and fill out the information requested. Top flute players, such as Michele McGovern, will contact you if you fit the requirements for a tryout.

Fans can also follow Michele on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, she has a YouTube channel where you can comment and listen to her gorgeous relaxing music. Michele McGovern has already been involved with some top flute players and she has met many people that have had an impact on her life and have enhanced her career. The Flute Room features a bio section that is both informative and interesting. You can learn more about Michele McGovern's background, her educational credentials and how she has become a part of the top flute players around the world.

You can also ask Michele questions or leave comments in the contact section. Michele McGovern appreciates the time that you take to leave feedback regarding her flute music or her award-winning videos and short film. You can also check out still shot photos of Michele posing in some of her cool videos. These videos are a unique collection of art that feature amazing costumes, makeup and entrancing environmental backdrops that set the mood for wonderful music. Top flute players like Michele McGovern love producing music that makes people content. Come to The Flute Room and begin enjoying the creative world of Michele McGovern, world class flutist.