Sonata Flutist

The word "Sonata" basically means a piece that is played instead of being sung. This term came about throughout the history of music. When the 19th century arrived it played a role in the composition of large-scale works. There have been alterations to this type of music since the Classical era, but many 20th and 21st century sonatas still basically retain a similar structure. A Sonata flutist is Michele McGovern. Her work, called "Moonlight", is a good example of this. The website called The Flute Room ( features this musical wonder and many other types of heartfelt flute music performed by Michele. Feel free to explore her bio section which features Michele’s educational career in music and her rise to glory within the music playing industry.

A flute Sonata typically uses the flute and the piano. Other instruments are sometimes incorporated in flute Sonatas. Flute Sonatas were popular in the Baroque period and still exist in popularity today as people turn the hands back in time to more classical styles of music. Sonata flutist Michele McGovern welcomes you to her website called The Flute Room ( This website features amazing videos and music for your viewing and listening pleasure. Other hits that you will find on The Flute Room include "Timelessness", "Nocturne", "Winter's Beauty", "Little Flirt" and "Pavane." Michele studied hard in school to become what she is today. She earned a full scholarship for both her BA and Master’s Degree in Music Performance. She studied at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University.

"Moonlight" is just one of Michele McGovern's greatest hits. This short film has been awarded multiple accolades. It touches the heart and mind of viewers and tells a tragic love story that will leave you breathless. Michele, a Sonata flutist, also played Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This show was broadcasted to more than 80,000 viewers. Photos are also available on Michele McGovern’s website that features her in some of her videos. You will notice the elaborate costume designs in Michele’s videos. Her production team worked very hard to make these videos stand out from the crowd. The Flute Room ( is also a place where you can contact Michele. There is a contact section on the website that allows you to ask her questions. She has a lot of fans but always tries to answer as many questions as possible about being a Sonata flutist.

You can also check out the news section on this website. Viewers will find news stories involving Michele’s career, upcoming events and more. “End of the Road” is a short video that was recently produced by Michele. You can find this video at The Flute Room ( You can also follow Michele on Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube. This Sonata flutist has great things in store for her career. Come and join Michele McGovern and her musical adventures by visiting The Flute Room at