Schubert on Flute

Franz Peter Schubert was a composer from Austria. He did not live a long life, dying before the age of 32, but he had numerous musical accomplishments during his time here on earth. This man learned how to play all kinds of instruments. Instruments, such as the piano, flute, viola and others were taught to him by mentors and Schubert on flute led to some amazing compositions. Michele McGovern is a crossover flute player that has made numerous in-roads into the world of music. This website, The Flute Room ( showcases some of her new music, such as "Pathways" and "End of the Road" along with many other older compositions she developed.

Michele McGovern is a contemporary flute player that shares the same types of talents as Schubert on flute. Schubert is recognized today as one of the greatest composers during the late Classical and the dawn of the Romantic Era. Although he died from typhoid fever at a young age, Schubert was able to produce over 1,500 works during his shortened career. Michele McGovern and The Flute Room ( have a lot of respect for Schubert on flute. Again, this is just one of the amazing instruments that this man was able to play in front of large audiences of people.

Schubert has plenty of marvelous compositions and gorgeous music. Michele McGovern also shares these traits. Michele has produced outstanding music and videos that you can listen to and view on this user friendly website. Feel free to browse this website and let it guide and assist you. You can also contact Michele McGovern via The Flute Room ( Feel free to ask her questions about her current New Age flute music and other genres of music that she touches upon. Michele also knows a little bit about Schubert on flute and can tell you more about this marvelous composer and music arranger.

There is also a bio section on this website that tells you more about Michele’s background as a rising Chicago modern flutist. She studied very hard in school and was awarded full scholarships for both her BA and Master's degree. Michele McGovern studied music performance at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She won several accolades for her short film "Moonlight", a piece that was dedicated to her friend and mentor Melody Lord. Franz Peter Schubert also worked hard to make a large impact on greater society. His melodies now live on and will forever. Schubert on flute shows how this man is able to compose great pieces by playing the flute (again this is just one of multiple instruments he played during his short career). The Flute Room ( is where you will find relaxing flute music from flutist Michele McGovern.