Rock Flutist

Michele McGovern is a popular rock flutist that welcomes you to her website The Flute Room. This wonderful website is where you can find Michele's award-winning videos and music. There is a well-rounded bio section that you can read over. Viewers can learn more about Michele McGovern's background as a classical crossover flute player and how she has become a top flute player in Chicago. Find out more about where Michele went to school to study her craft and her profound relationship with her mentor, the late Melody Lord.

A rock flutist is bound to bring excitement to flute fans across the globe. Michele McGovern has just come out with a collection of tunes that include rock, pop, classical and new age. It is called "Falling Leaves." You can also enjoy her award-winning videos, "Moonlight" and other hits, such as "Pavane", "Little Flirt", "End of the Road" and "Nocturne." This rock flutist impresses the masses. Shows such as Live from Center Stage in Cape Cod and performances at New York City's Carnegie Hall have brought Michele McGovern into the larger spotlight. The Flute Room is where you can enjoy Michele's flute music.

There is also a contact section where you can ask questions. Michele is very responsive to her fan base. Right now she is involved in working on a musical play called "Lady Vadula." This play will showcase Michele's flute playing talents. The audience can expect an eclectic mixture of unique characters, captivating music and a thrilling play script. If you are interested in trying out for this play by this rock flutist, please contact Michele McGovern via The Flute Room. Parts are still available, but you will have to act soon. You can also ask Michele other questions about her career, her cinematic flute videos, her live Chicago music and how she has become one of the top flute players in the world. Being a rock flutist is both an art and something that requires heartfelt devotion. Michele is driven by her talent to please her listeners with her soothing flute music.

Still shot photos have also been posted on this website for your viewing pleasure. These photos show Michele McGovern in different videos with various types of stunning outfits and cool scenic backdrops. Music and videos can also be found via The Flute Room when you want to enjoy different genres of flute music from Michele. You can learn more about Michele's upcoming performances and events by following her on Facebook, Twitter and her YouTube channel. This rock flutist is excited to have the chance to get you to become a devoted fan. The Flute Room is where magic is created and where rapture lives on. People enjoy good music, and the flute is a unique instrument that brings about its own wonderful satisfaction when people listen to it. Be sure to join Michele McGovern, a rock flutist, on her journey via The Flute Room as she engages the masses around the globe and brings joy to people from all walks of life.