Rock Flute

Rock flute is a very interesting mix of music that appeals to a wide variety of people. Some very famous songs have involved the concept of rock flute over time. For example, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and Men at Work "Land Down Under" incorporate this style of music. Music lovers tend to be swayed by the combination of rock instruments with moments of more solitude flute playing throughout parts of the song. The song "High Hopes" from Pink Floyd is another good example of rock flute at its best. Some versions of this song leave out the flute parts but others have flute players going along with the song. Pink Floyd is one of the best bands ever and their music is an eclectic mix of many instruments that are breathtaking. Michele McGovern is a world famous flute player that incorporates some rock flute into some of her music. The Flute Room ( is where you can find out more about Michele and her marvelous flute playing ability.

Michele is currently focusing on new works and a play called Lady Vadula. Vadula will feature many musical entrances and exits while telling the story about Victoria Vadula who possesses powers over both men and women. The play is still currently in the works, and she is working hard to get casting crew, so if you are interested just contact her through The Flute Room ( website to sign up for a part. Michele McGovern will respond to your questions. She loves to hear from her fan and new viewers. Rock flute is something that will continue to play on throughout Michele’s career. Her flute music touches upon different genres including classical crossover flute music, jazz flute music, new age music and much more.

Now is the time to come and check out The Flute Room ( to listen to Michele McGovern's heartfelt flute music. Videos and music have been posted on this user friendly website for your listening and viewing pleasure. You can also find out more about Michele's background and how she became a world recognized flutist through her studies and the people she met over the years. All of Michele McGovern's music has meaning and definition, and rock flute is sometimes heard in some of her performances.

The Flute Room ( also has photos of Michele in some of her videos. These still shot photographs capture Michele at her best and in costume. This artist invites you to come and listen to some of the outstanding melodies that she has produced over the years. Michele McGovern may be new to the rock flute and flute playing scene in general, but her career is taking off in all of the right directions. Be sure to go to The Flute Room ( for outstanding flute music from Michele McGovern and different genres of flute music, including rock flute.