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Becoming a top performance artist requires lots of hard work and devotion. Michele McGovern is a world renowned flutist that has her career moving in all of the right directions. The Flute Room ( is where you can visit to enjoy the diverse flute music performed by Michele McGovern. Michele touches upon many different types of music categories. Fans can enjoy cinematic music, flute jazz music, classic crossover music, new age flute music, pop flute hits and numerous other melodies that will entice your heart and entrance your mind.

There is an excellent bio section on this user friendly website that gives you detailed information about Michele McGovern’s background. You can learn more about Michele’s rise to fame with her work she did with the late Melody Lord. Michele McGovern has also won awards for her short musical film “Moonlight.” Other amazing flute hits include “Falling Leaves”, “Nocturne”, “Sunrise”, “Pathways”, “Winter’s Beauty” and numerous other enchanting flute performances. Michele is a top performance artist that loves bringing her fans her latest musical hits. Right now Michele McGovern is involved in working on “Lady Vadula”, a musical play that has singing, dancing, acting and dynamic costumes. You can learn more about “Lady Vadula” on this website and what the plot is all about. There are still open parts available for this upcoming production. Please contact Michele McGovern via The Flute Room ( if you are interested in trying out for a specific part.

Fans of Michele McGovern, a well-known performance artist, can also watch her cool videos on this user friendly website. In addition, feel free to view still shot photos of Michele in some of her stunning videos. There is also a store section where you can purchase the “Moonlight” sheet music for a low price. Fans can watch and listen to the score of this outstanding, two time winning music video that has been recognized by the Mexico International Film Festival and the Illinois Film Festival. The Flute Room ( is where you can learn more about this fantastic performance artist

You can also follow Michele McGovern through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube. Social media has come a long way and it makes things easy for people like Michele to stay in touch with her fan base and answer their questions. There is also a contact section on this website where you can ask her questions about The Flute Room ( or what this top performance artist has in store regarding upcoming concerts and events. Enjoy the diverse harmonic flute melodies from Michele McGovern today, and let this artist leave you breathless and craving for more eclectic music.