Flutist for Hire

Michele McGovern is a flutist for hire if anyone is looking for an award-winning flute player to play at big events, such as weddings, concerts, plays or if someone is searching for an outstanding substitute flutist because their current flute player is ill or cannot do their job for personal reasons. The Flute Room is where you can learn more about Michele and her background as a rising star within the greater music industry. Her album, Falling Leaves, just won an accolade. Michele McGovern, a flutist for hire, also just got done with a mesmerizing performance on stage with her enigmatic musical called Lady Vadula Spellbound. This play featured entertainer and musician Michele McGovern as Lady Vadula and her wondrous and dream-life flute playing ability. This musical sensation showcased characters and dancers that really left a positive imprint on audience members.

The Flute Room is also where you can listen to Michele McGovern's music. She plays a wide range of genres of music including pop, classical, rock, jazz and new age. Falling Leaves features a little bit of everything, and it is an album that is bound to leave you craving for more from this Chicagoland flute player. Michele is more than glad to be a flutist for hire if anyone is looking for a great entertainer and musician. Please contact Michele McGovern via The Flute Room with any questions that you have for her or if you are seeking an award-winning flutist for hire at a special event. Michele's calendar can fill up quickly, so be sure to contact her in advance to give her a head's up regarding the event and what you would like to see from this amazing flute player.

Popular venues throughout the world have featured Michele McGovern, a top recording artist and flutist for hire. She has played at New York's Carnegie Hall and Live from Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Michele has also made overseas appearances in different countries. Michele is an award-winning recording artist that is dedicated to her profession and putting a smile on people's faces. She has a large fan base that follows her via The Flute Room, Twitter, Facebook and through YouTube. Now is the time to find out more about Michele McGovern, a tremendous flutist for hire, entertainer and musician on this user-friendly website. Feel free to view Michele's bio section, watch her award-winning videos and listen to some of the best flute music around. The Flute Room is waiting for you to open the door to magic and soul searching. This flutist for hire is also ready to take on your special event requirements as a professional musician and entertainer.