Flute Jazz

Michele McGovern is one of the best flute players in the world. She joins the ranks of many other great flutists that have brought joy and profound rapture to the masses. Flute jazz is one category of cool music that Michele is involved in producing. Her website, The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) also showcases classical crossover music, new age flute music, pop flute music, cinematic music and many other marvelous categories. You can watch outstanding videos done by Michele and be captivated by her charming ability to grab the attention of music lovers across the globe.

Flute jazz is something that brings great tunes to many people. This upbeat, whimsical type of music may be something that you hear along the streets of Memphis, Tennessee (Beale Street) or in the Big Easy, New Orleans. However, you do not have to travel to specific cities to enjoy the magic of flute jazz. The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) offers you this type of music along with a wide variety of other types of flute playing ability by Michele McGovern. Some of Michele’s more recent flute music includes “End of the Road”, “Falling Leaves”, “Pathways”, “I’m Wanting You”, “Sunrise” and “La Notte.” She has both live concert videos and staged videos with amazing costumes and diverse environments and topography along with various settings that will grab your attention.

The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com) also has a bio section that gives you great information about Michele McGovern’s background and how she has become a world famous flute player. Michele is also an award winning film maker and was recognized at the Mexico International Film Festival for best music video “Moonlight.” The Illinois Film Festival also gave her accolades. Michele’s ability to deliver flute jazz music to her fans is just one of the unique things that make her a stand out flute player. You can contact Michele via The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com). Feel free to ask Michele McGovern questions about her music, her upcoming performances and events or just general comments. You can also follow her on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Michele always appreciates your information and feedback regarding her music. She is currently working on a wonderful musical play called “Lady Vadula.” There are still open parts for this upcoming performance, so if you are interested be sure to contact her via The Flute Room (www.fluteroom.com). Now is the time to enjoy flute jazz from Michele McGovern. Let this website be your guide to Michele’s gorgeous melodies and heartfelt flute music that crosses all generations.