Flute Coach

Michele McGovern is an award winning musician and a highly respected flute coach. She has performed with some of the best orchestras and symphonies in the world, including her solo performances with Mozart's D Major Concerto, Mozart's Andante, Vivaldi's Il Gardellino Concerto, Vivaldi's La Notte Concerto, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 for two flutes and violin (with flutist Mary Stolper and violinist Rachel Barton Pine), Lukas Foss' "For Toru" (Lukas Foss conducting). She would also record as a soloist for Saint Petersburg Camerata in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2001. Michele also had a long engagement with the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra as Principle Flute. In addition, Michele has a successful YouTube channel and has performed live on television.

Ms. McGovern received a full scholarship for her bachelor and master's degree from Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. She graduated from the university with two degrees in Music Performance. She was mentored by famed Chicago Symphony pianist, Melody Lord. They worked together for 12 years composing and arranging several pieces for the flute and piano, including 6 arrangements of Carmen, which they performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall in the Weil recital hall prior to Ms. Lord's death.

Ms. McGovern honed her skills with the help of some of the greatest flute players and musicians of all time. She won a number of 1st place awards, as well as the Farwell Award, which she won two times from the Musicians Club of Women. Today, she is sharing what she has learned in schools as a flute coach. Her talents go beyond just her ability to amaze people with her flute playing. She is an accomplished composer and has won several awards for her videos on YouTube. Michele brings a unique perspective to young musicians with her crossover classical style that is very relatable to her audience.

As a flute coach, Michele would obviously work with flutists to perfect their skills. However, she shares techniques and principles that are beneficial to all musicians. Ms. McGovern has the unique ability to step outside of the boundaries to find new ways of introducing her audience to the world of music and art. Her latest venture beyond her flute coach career is an extraordinary musical called Lady Vadula, which incorporates several musicians, dancers, actors, singers, and more to create a magical experience for her audience. It is this type of hands-on understanding and drive that ensures she is successful coaching students.

Michele loves the opportunity to be a flute coach for inspiring musicians no matter what instrument they are playing. Her experience as a performer, composer, arranger, and film director gives her a perspective that translates to a young audience. Students can enjoy her videos online at this site or by visiting her YouTube and Vimeo channels. There they can discover what it means to be a crossover classical musician, as well as the opportunities for expression that these sites provide. The music in her videos is a combination of original and arrangements, as well as some renditions of popular arrangements by other musicians. In fact, students will enjoy seeing how every instrument has the ability to be incorporated within classical crossover music with a distinctively rock sound. Please contact Michele on this site to learn more about her flute coach programs.