Classical Crossover

Classical crossover music is a type of music genre that lingers between popular music and classic music. This type of music aims at fans that enjoy both popular and classical tunes. Popular songs, holiday songs, folk music and show tunes typically fall into the category of classical crossover music. Michele McGovern is a world famous flutist that incorporates this style of music in some of her hits. The Flute Room ( is where you can listen to Michele’s music and enjoy awesome music videos that she has performed. There is a bio section on this user friendly website that gives you lots of detail regarding Michele McGovern’s background and how she became an award winning flutist and filmmaker.

The Flute Room ( is also where you can contact Michele McGovern when you have questions about her classical crossover music and other types of gorgeous flute melodies. Michele is currently involved in producing a musical play called Lady Vadula. She is looking for interested people in joining her cast for this upcoming show. Please contact Michele through this website if you are interested in becoming a part of something cool and very special. Michele loves to hear from her fans and she is quite responsive when it comes to answering your questions of interests.

Photos, news and current events are also listed on this website. Michele will post things about upcoming special events or new music releases she would like you to hear. Some of her flute music includes "Moonlight", "Pathways", "End of the Road", "Falling Leaves", and "Pavane." These are only some of the marvelous tunes that you can listen to when you visit The Flute Room ( Classical crossover music is just one genre of music that Michele McGovern enjoys playing for her audiences.

You can also follow Michele through social media. She has a Facebook page where many fans are joining to keep in touch with her. Fans can also follow her on YouTube and Twitter. Now is the time to find out more about The Flute Room ( and classical crossover music from Michele McGovern. Her heartfelt flute music has touched the souls of people from all around the globe. Michele's future career in flute playing looks to be very bright. Be sure to stay in touch with Michele McGovern to find out more about upcoming performances and special events along with current flute news.