Cinematic Music

Michele McGovern is a world class flutist that invests her time into creating dynamic flute melodies. This world famous flute player is an award-winning filmmaker and is being recognized by the masses as one of the top flute players of our time. The Flute Room is Michele McGovern's website where you can fall in love with her music and videos. Michele is a master at creating gorgeous cinematic music which is basically music that goes along with film scores. Her award-winning short film "Moonlight" is a great example of what cinematic music is all about. Please take the time to view "Moonlight" on this user-friendly website and listen to Michele McGovern at her best when it comes to the art of flute playing.

"Lady Vadula" is a theatrical musical production that Michele is currently involved in. Open casting is still available for this upcoming play. Michele McGovern is launching this play in the greater Chicagoland region to introduce contemporary people to the magic and rapture of the flute in our modern day society. Be sure to fill out the proper information required if you are interested in trying out for a part in "Lady Vadula." In addition, there are numerous videos posted on this website that you will enjoy. Some feature more of a cinematic music angle and most tell a story. The mysterious "Nocturne" is a good example of a longer-sided music video that is more like a short film. The enigmatic quality and awesome costumes in this piece are eccentric and pleasing to the viewer. Other outstanding flute videos you can find on The Flute Room website include "End of the Road", "Pavane", "Winter's Beauty" and "Pathways."

Cinematic music is just one thing that Michele McGovern has been recognized for. This live Chicago music player has impressed people across the globe with her different genres of music. Her debut album called "Falling Leaves" will leave you in awe of her talent. "Falling Leaves" highlights Michele's ability to play different genres of flute music including pop, rock and classical to name just a few. You can contact Michele via The Flute Room. Feel free to ask her questions about her cinematic music or upcoming performances. Michele also enjoys hearing your feedback. Please leave comments at your own leisure. Now is the time to learn more about Michele McGovern and her relaxing music. Enjoy the art of flute music today when you come and visit The Flute Room.