Chicago Modern Flutist

Welcome to The Flute Room ( where you can listen to the gorgeous melodies played by Michele McGovern, a world renowned flute player. This Chicago modern flutist has produced many beautiful videos and even an award winning film called "Moonlight". Michele is also considered to be a crossover artist. She taps into different genres of music and this keeps her viewers highly interested regarding upcoming events and new musical wonders.

A Chicago modern flutist, such as Michele McGovern, worked very hard to establish her career as a popular flute playing in this contemporary society. You will find amazing videos via The Flute Room ( including hits such as "Pathways", "Moonlight", "Pavane", "End of the road" (this is a new flute arrangement by Michele McGovern and "Little Flirt". Feel free to engage in these videos and enjoy the spectacular melodies that come forward when you listen to this Chicago modern flutist.

There is also a bio section located on this user friendly website. Michele McGovern was awarded a full scholarship for both her BA and Master's degree in music performance. The Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University is where she got these high level degrees and is definitely one reason why Michele McGovern is one of the best flute players in the world and has a popular website called The Flute Room ( This Chicago modern flutist worked with and was mentored to some extent by Melody Lord, an amazing pianist. She worked with Michele for nearly 12 years but sadly she passed away. The making of "Moonlight" was a tribute to the late Melody Lord.

"Moonlight" was awarded several accolades. This short film won "Best Music Video" by the Mexico International Film Festival. It also won "Best Musical Short" from the Illinois courtesy of the Illinois International Film Festival. Michele McGovern invites you to explore The Flute Room ( in order to listen to some of her greatest Chicago modern flutist arrangements. Michele also loves to hear feedback from her audience. You can contact Michele McGovern on this website. Feel free to ask questions about upcoming news events and performances, the current type of flute music she is working on and inquiries about her unique videos that tell a story.

Michele McGovern has played at some famous venues, such as New York's Carnegie Hall and Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Mass. Be sure to check into her news section on this website to find out more about her live performances and upcoming events. You can also read over past events that have already taken place. The Flute Room ( features videos and music from Michele McGovern. This Chicago modern flutist loves to please her viewers and is excited to have the chance to gain you as a regular follower on this website.

Flute music is relaxing, charming and simply gorgeous in so many ways. A good flute crossover artist, such as Michele McGovern, has the ability to mix and match music from all different kinds of musical genres. The Flute Room ( is your ultimate guide to tremendous flute music. Again, feel free to contact Michele McGovern with questions of interest. She will get back to you in a timely manner. Enjoy the heartfelt music from this Chicago modern flutist and be sure to look forward to much more great flute music in the near future.