Carnegie Hall

Located in scenic Midtown Manhattan, in the heart of New York City, Carnegie Hall is a historic concert venue that was built by Andrew Carnegie in the year 1891. This particular venue happens to be one of the most prestigious throughout the globe when it comes to popular and classical music. Michele McGovern is a Chicago flutist performer that has played at Carnegie Hall. The website, known as The Flute Room (, has been a launching place for Michele's career in music. Michele and Chicago Symphony pianist Melody Lord performed all 6 of their arrangements in the Weil recital hall. Michele McGovern worked with the late Melody Lord for over 12 years, arranging music together.

The Weil recital hall has seating for 268 people. This is just one of several gorgeous Carnegie Hall seating areas for large groups of people. Michele McGovern is used to playing in front of large audiences. In 2014 she went Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This show was broadcasted to over 80,000 viewers. Carnegie Hall was just another marvelous stepping stone in Michele's career to glory. The Flute Room ( features marvelous classical, romantic and jazz tunes. Michele McGovern has the ability to captivate her audience with her flute playing ability. Her videos include "Nocturne", "Timelessness", "Little Flirt", "Moonlight" and other magnificent tunes. Please take the time to watch some of Michele's videos so you have a profound understanding of the type of music that this Chicago flute player produces.

Michele McGovern loves to hear feedback from her fans. You can contact Michele through The Flute Room ( You can also follow her on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Carnegie Hall has definitely earned a positive reputation for classical and popular music. Many artists have played here throughout the years. This building was constructed entirely out of masonry. It is one of the last big-size buildings in the City of New York that earns this category of fame. The breathtaking design of this building has captured the attention of masses throughout the world. Michele McGovern is bound to make another appearance at Carnegie Hall very soon. Be sure to stay in touch to The Flute Room ( for information and news about upcoming performances.

Chicago Romantic flute music and Sonata flutist Michele McGovern are sweeping music fans off their feet. People are turning back the hands of time in modern day society and are desiring more laid-back, classical music as a way to escape from the stressors of everyday life. The Flute Room ( can be your door to take you to your dreams. Michele McGovern loves to enchant the mind and soul with her music. Carnegie Hall was just one of many stops along Michele’s way to music glory and global recognition. Feel free to go over Michele's bio section on The Flute Room ( to find out more about her background within the music industry. Enjoy the heartfelt tunes of Michele McGovern, and let the magic of the flute take you away.