Award Winning Flutist

Michele McGovern is an award-winning flutist and award-winning filmmaker that takes tremendous pride in her work. Michele is becoming well-known to music fans throughout the world. She has appeared in numerous shows including Live From Center Stage in Cape Cod Massachusetts and has also performed and arranged music with the late Melody Lord at New York City's Carnegie Hall. Michele is an international flute player that mesmerizes and captivates her listeners with different genres of music. Her debut album, "Falling Leaves," listeners are taken deep into the cinematic flute experience that touches on rock, new age, jass, pop and classical music. The Flute Room is Michele McGovern's website. It is here where you can listen to all of her gorgeous melodies and relaxing music."

This award-winning flutist is now working on a new project. It is a theatrical musical called "Lady Vadula." Casting and parts are still open to the general public. Just go to the "Lady Vadula" link on this user-friendly website and input your information. You can also contact Michele McGovern through this website. Feel free to ask her questions about her award-winning flute music and videos. Michele is a very interactive award-winning flutist that loves her fans and the appreciation that they show. The Flute Room is a great place to sit back, unwind and listen to harmonic melodies released on the flute by Michele.

Being an award-winning flutist and filmmaker is not easy. Michele McGovern worked very hard to make all of this happen. There is a bio section on this website that goes into more detail about Michele's background as a flute player, her educational career and her interactions with famous people within the greater music industry. Michele McGovern invites you to come along and enjoy the wonderful journey of this award-winning flutist and the music that has grabbed the attention of the masses. The Flute Room features cinematic videos, such as "Moonlight," an early piece done by Michele as a tribute to Melody Lord, one of her best friends and mentors. You can watch this award-winning short video film today and also order the "Moonlight" sheet music for a very low price.

Entering The Flute Room means you have allowed yourself to explore the unique world of Michele McGovern and the magic she possesses. You can also follow Michele via Facebook and Twitter. She also has a fantastic YouTube channel. This award-winning flutist keeps delivering on new music and the ability to gain more fans by the day. If you have not heard of Michele McGovern yet, a Chicago flute player and one of several famous musicians in Chicago, now is the time to meet her. Check out The Flute Room to discover Michele's talent as a flute player and her ability to charm people.