Award Winning Flute Player

Michele McGovern is an award-winning flute player that captivates her listeners with soft melodies in the themes regarding love, family, nature and beauty. Michele is a very spiritual person that allows her music to speak what her soul has to say. She has worked extremely hard over the years to become a top flute player, and her website The Flute Room is the perfect gathering place for flute players and people that simply enjoy the wonderful music that this instrument has to offer.

Being an award-winning flute player gives Michele McGovern the strength and caring attitude to continue to move forth in producing award-winning flute music videos and albums. Her most recent album, Falling Leaves, has been wonderfully praised by reviewers and listeners alike. Michele loves to entice her audience with mysterious music from The Flute Room that is heartfelt and deep. Her music appeals to people of all ages, both young and old. There was an outstanding performance of Lady Vadula Spellbound that recently came to Orland Park, Illinois and was lead by an all-star cast of amazing characters that backed the enigmatic Lady Vadula on her journey of being innocent and transforming into a dark figure that only knew how to speak via her flute music. This musical performance by this award-winning flute player was well-received by the Orland Park viewers right before Halloween. Lady Vadula Spellbound is a great example of how Michele McGovern performs at her best and why she is quickly becoming a top flute player and possibly one of the next greats.

The Flute Room is now open to anyone who is interested in following the career of Michele McGovern. You can learn more about current events surrounding this award-winning flute player and what you can expect in terms of future shows, videos and music that she has in the works. People simply adore Michele and everything that she stands for. Michele McGovern loves putting on a great performance, and she has done this time and time again at world famous venues, including Carnegie Hall. Be sure to read over the unique bio information that Michele has listed on The Flute Room. Interested readers can learn more about Michele's milestones in her flute playing career and how she has become an award-winning flute player and award-winning flute music video creator.

Visiting The Flute Room allows you to come across all of the wonderful surprises and elegance that Michele McGovern has to offer as an award-winning flutist. Anyone who is seeking a change from the mundane routine of daily tasks and work will appreciate the spectacular magic of Ms. McGovern's flute. Her ability to energize her listeners and embody what an award-winning flute player is all about are just a few standout things that will grab your attention. The Flute Room offers you lots of flute music and a doorway to spiritual enlightenment. Michele invites you to open this door and let your heart feel the passion and wisdom from an amazing flute player.