Award Winning Filmmaker

The Flute Room is where you will find award winning flute music videos produced by Michele McGovern. Michele is a meditative music performance artist that entices her fans with heartfelt melodies from this gorgeous instrument. Her album, Falling Leaves, has lots of meditation music that people will enjoy throughout their day and especially after a hard day"s work. Hits, such as, "Pathways", "Winter’s Beauty", and "Summer Days" feature Michele at her best. She also has plenty of great award winning videos to accommodate her music. You can follow Michele on her YouTube channel. Michele's channel now ranks in the Top 100 Flute YouTube Channels. She was personally awarded this honor fairly recently, and the news is thrilling to say the least for her and Flute Room fans.

Award winning flute music videos produced by Michele McGovern inspire people to become deep thinkers and reflect on the positives in life. Michele is very spiritual person that always has kind words for people, and her music is definitely a more profound reflection on her ability to dazzle and delight audiences both young and old. When you watch one of Michele’s videos you will notice how this best flute performer captures her surroundings. Michele is very in tune with nature and all of its splendor. She also takes a lot of pride in clothing design and making sure that everything is perfect for her fans. People can now enjoy all that The Flute Room has to offer. There is a marvelous bio section that gives you interesting information about Michele's career. In addition, her home page has updates from the artist herself regarding what is going on in her life and what you can expect to see in terms of more flute music and performances.

Followers of The Flute Room are able to get a good look at the award winning flute music videos that Michele has produced and what is still to come from this leading flutist. You may also notice that Michele McGovern has a similar music style to that of David Garrett, Lindsey Sterling, and The Piano Guys. If you like these artists, you are also very likely to have a passion for The Flute Room and what Michele McGovern has to offer when it comes to award winning flute music. Philip Simmons, the Artistic Director of American Music Festivals, recently wrote a letter of high recommendation to Michele. Mr. Simmons has been working with Ms. McGovern for more than 25 years, and this letter is just another fine example of the excellent talent that this top flute performer has. Award winning flute music videos have been seen by Mr. Simmons, and Michele McGovern’s videos are among some of the most elegant around.

Now is the time to let The Flute Room enrapture you with magic and charm. Please remember to follow Michele also on her top YouTube flute channel and also through Facebook. Award winning flute music videos from this top flutist will captivate your soul. Let Ms. McGovern’s music talent sweep you off your feet and enter you into a world of bliss and eternal melodies.