Award Winning Flute Album

The award-winning flute album, Falling Leaves by Michele McGovern, is a top seller and listeners will enjoy abundant pop, classical, rock and new age music when listening to this amazing album. The Flute Room is where you can learn more about Ms. McGovern's new album Falling Leaves and where this award-winning flute player takes centerstage with her outstanding talents to spellbind and enchant her audience members. This website is ideal for anyone that is desiring to keep following Michele McGovern and learn more about her award-winning career and any shows or events that she has scheduled for local and global audience members.

The music from Falling Leaves via The Flute Room is bound to leave a very good impression on your heart and soul. This award-winning flute album from Michele McGovern is just one excellent example of Michele's incredible ability to please her fans. The production of Lady Vadula Spellbound in Orland Park, IL on October 28th, 2017, denotes a fantastic point in the career of Michele. This amazing musical performance was led by Michele McGovern who took on the role of Lady Vadula. Once an innocent child, Vadula suffers an unspeakable tragedy that leads her down a dark road, a road that reshapes her persona. Members of the audience were highly impressed to say the least with the mysterious plot that took shape in the production of Lady Vadula Spellbound. The newspapers were talking about it the next day, and Michele and her co-stars stood and bowed to a standing ovation given by theatre goers. The Flute Room talks more about Lady Vadula Spellbound, and you can always contact Michele if you have any questions about this play or her award-winning flute album, Falling Leaves.

People are opening their hearts and minds to Michele's creativeness and her outstanding flute music. There are lots of wonderful reasons why The Flute Room website has gained so much attention. New music, award-winning short films like, Moonlight, and dynamic music choices, such as Nocturne, Pavane, Pathways, La Notte and Sunrise are all things that give Michele's fans profound joy. Michele's fans can also ask her questions regarding her career, her award-winning flute album and what she plans on doing for the holidays. There is always something exciting waiting for you in The Flute Room. Let the gentle magic and magnetism of Michele's flute elevate your soul to soaring levels of enthrallment and rapture that you have never experienced before.