American Flute Musicians

American flute musicians, like Michele McGovern, open an enchanting door to The Flute Room where you can listen to this Chicagoland flute player in her pure form. Ms. McGovern has had an interesting career up to this point. Her life has been filled with adventure and pleasure seeking. Flute playing is something that Michele has always dreamed about. She went to school and studied very hard and worked with some of the best musicians in the industry to become one of severl outstanding American flute musicians. The Flute Room is where you warm your soul with Michele's gorgeous music that encompasses a wide range of musical genres including classical, pop, orchestral, rock and even hints of some jazz from time to time.

Michele enjoys the time that she gets to spend with her fans out in public and on stage with her viewing audiences. She has played at different venues throughout the globe and continues to work on new projects, such as Lady Vadula and new music videos, to allow people the chance to listen to the magic and beauty of the flute in different settings. American flute musicians, such as Michele McGovern, continue to bring the mystery and charm of the flute into a society where music and relaxation are needed on a daily basis. Life is not all about work. People need to take time to enjoy the personal things that keep them motivated. Whether you are spending time with your family, spouse or children, incorporating flute music into your life will only augment your positive train of thought. The Flute Room is where people come to enjoy Michele McGovern's flute playing. Be sure to check out her award-winning music videos and short film called "Moonlight."

There is a unique bio section on this website that goes into details about Ms. McGovern's past and how she became one of the American flute musicians of our time. Michele has met a lot of interesting people along her journey in music, and sadly some of these people are no longer around, such as the kind-hearted Melody Lord, a wonderful friend and inspiration to Michele's career. The Flute Room will tell you more about this relationship, and "Moonlight" is a tribute to the late Melody Lord. Please contact Michele with any questions that you have regarding American flute musicians or to find out about upcoming shows. You can also follow Michele McGovern by signing up on her Facebook page. There is also a YouTube channel that plays her music. Let The Flute Room introduce you to one of several outstanding American flute musicians: Michele McGovern. Be ready to let your heart be captured by this stunning performance artist.