21st Century Flutist

The Flute Room is here for all of you flute fans. Michele McGovern is a world famous flute player and one of many 21st Century flutists that enjoy bringing delight and rapture to the masses. Michele has worked hard to master the art of flute playing over the years. This website is where you can find Michele McGovern's music and award-winning videos, such as "Moonlight." Michele is an American flute player that simply enjoys pleasing her fans. You can contact Michele via the Flute Room and ask her questions or leave her comments.

Michele is involved in an upcoming production called Lady Vadula. This play mixes music, dance and unique characters into a mysterious plot that has the seductive Lady Vadula luring men by her flute that holds great power. You can learn more about Lady Vadula by asking questions. This play is expected to go into live production very soon, and it is just one of many exciting things that Michele McGovern is taking part in right now. 21st Century flutists, such as Michele McGovern, have user-friendly websites like The Flute Room to reach out to their fans. The Flute Room features both videos and music. You can also find out more about "Falling Leaves," a wonderful collection of Michele's music that features pop, classical, rock, crossover and even a little bit of jazz.

There is also a bio section that tells you all about Michele's early background in the flute playing industry. She went to a great school and studied hard to master the art of this instrument. She went to a great school and studied hard to master the art of this instrument. She had some help from some good friends along the way, like Melody Lord, a teacher and friend of Michele who is sadly not with us anymore. Michele McGovern has played at famous venues throughout the world including New York City's Carnegie Hall and Live from Center Stage in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This is discussed on The Flute Room website. Being one of several 21st Century flutists is very exciting for Michele. She continues to grow as a flute player and attract people from all walks of life interested in listening to a different type of music, one that relaxes the body and pacifies the soul.

You can also follow Michele via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Michele McGovern always tries to reach out to her audience with her flute and her actual voice when you have questions. The Flute Room is a great place to come to learn more about Michele and to listen to her gorgeous flute music. Please take the time exploring this fun website. 21st Century flutists and musicians, in general, are here to take your mind away from the daily stressors that plague all of us. Music is a wonderful thing that we can lean on to escape for a little while, and it is a good thing that promotes positive thought and healthy living. Now is the time to learn more about Michele McGovern, The Flute Room and how 21st Century flutists keep evolving intrinsic music.